December 1, 2012

Shower Debbie With Blessings Presentation

At last, what you all have been waiting patiently for!  I have had to resize and crop the photos twice so it has taken me longer than I expected.  There are well over 250 photos so doing it once was a big job let alone doing it twice. :)  I tried a new photo album software to try and make this in to a flip scrapbook that you could open full screen but I had a time figuring it out and then in the end wound up deleting my photos, which deleted from my picture storage too!  How did that happen???  Oh well, I should have used my old stand by to begin with... Picturetrail ...has the option to make Flicks and I have used it for several things and so I will be using it for this presentation as well.

There are 5 Flicks in all for your viewing pleasure.  Each flick can only contain 60 images and we have over 250 to share!!  So grab a glass of tea and a snack and enjoy the presentation!
We had to do the shower in 3 stages as my camera battery kept going down because I had kept it on so long but we finally got every last box, envelope, and bin opened!  You will be able to tell when the battery started waning because a few of the photos are a little blurry.  I didn't want to leave them out so you will have to forgive those few.  

If two Flicks show in your browser at the same time you can turn them on and off in the lower left hand corner so they both do not flip photos at the same time.

Flick #1

I have to say that you all went way and above the call of duty!  I do not think there is anything that she did not receive!  From fabric yardage, to tons of pre-cuts, seam rippers, rotary cutters, extra blades, all sizes of rotary rulers, rotary mats, iron, Janome sewing machine, handmade quilts, batting, tons of threads, lots of scissors, and the list goes on and on and on.....  I could not help myself but to smile the whole time she was opening her gifts!  My mouth was sore when we finally finished!

Flick #2 

Throughout the photos you will see many facial expressions from Debbie and they tell the story... she was super amazed and could not believe the blessings that had been sent her way.  They truly are blessings... they have lifted her weary heart in a time of trouble.  She kept saying "Thearica, can you believe these people, they have sent so much?"... and I would answer "Yes, aren't they amazing!".

Flick #3

Debbie read each and every card that you all sent with your packages.  I did not photograph her reading all of the cards but I did catch a shot of a few of them so you would know that she did read them.  They put that little extra spot of personal and it was like icing on the cake.

Flick #4

When things look down and dark, quilters can come in and quickly shine a light so bright that you can't help but be in a far better mood than you were in before.  You have no idea just how far reaching even the smallest of things can be...

And I humbly thank you all for coming in to Debbie's world and shining your light upon her!  You truly are an amazing group of quilters! May you be blessed richly for your kind and giving hearts!

Flick #5

I sit here still amazed at the overwhelming amount of participation that this call out for help received!  I knew several of you from a quilting forum that I belong to but there were several of you who I did not know.  I want to thank you for trusting me to make sure Debbie received her gifts from you.

May all of your lives be richly blessed for what you have done for my friend!


Needled Mom said...

I am sure she is just thrilled with all the fun sewing ahead for her.

Ale jc said...

how very nice to see the hearts of so many come calling to those in are a dear friend

nancyc20 said...

Just fabulous, Q!!!! What a dear friend you are to her!!!!! Blessings, Nancy

debbiekatiesmom said...

i would like to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart. never have i known such generosity as you have all shown. it was amazing the diverse and wonderful things i received.

hopefully, i can recruit some new quilters into the fold with all the bounty given to me. my niece, ashley, was wanting to be there with us so badly, but had injured her back. she was able to get one of the Black Friday sewing machines from Wal Mart, but had no supplies like thread or fabric, etc, so i re-gifted her with a bag of goodies from what i received. her hubby is a ranch foreman on one of the drummond ranches(pioneer woman relatives) and hopefully this will help her to fill her time till she recovers.

i still have not had time to go thru and sort everything. i have been trying to get our new home straightened out and with the holidays and my mother falling again, etc, it will be a bit before i get my sewing room put together. when i do, i will forward thearica some pics to post to see what you have all done for us. again, there is no way to express my gratitude. thank you, thank you!
sincerely, debbie

p.s. thearica,lol, i take the most terrible pictures. you could've culled some of those crazier ones. love you dearly tho! to the moon and back

Mike Pearson said...

I just finally got around to watching this. It was fun to watch :) Can't wait to see the new sewing room all stocked and organized!