December 17, 2012

Wanna Know Who Won?? Come For A Visit!

ALL blog winnings to date were mailed this morning... Everything has been claimed!
Stay tuned for 2013!!! :)

Well, the birthday party over at Michele and the Quilting Gallery has been a blast!  I had so much fun hopping around to near 170 blogs and I know you all did as well!  
I feel like I ate cake enough for everyone! 

Congratulations goes to:

Lisa just happens to be from my home state of Alabama! And I must, I must, I must say......


Yep, we keep it in the family... This is my youngest and her Roll Tide family..
Although I must have dropped her older sister on the head when she was little because she likes to wear orange and blue a lot. lol

Yes, you guessed it.. Lisa is an Auburn War Eagle kind of gal!!  
Have to tease the opponent just a wee bit. :)

Although I do root for Auburn when they are not playing Bama! :)

Lisa... Reply to my email with your mailing info and I will get this book right out to you!
Congratulations once again!!


I was a winner on Claire's blog!!  She sent me an email today to let me know that I had won the following Christmas fabrics!!  I feel a mug rug in the making!!
Thank you Claire!


Back in October when we had the Wicked Blog Hop on Madame Samm's blog, I had a giveaway for this candy and 2 towels... 
Well, the winner never sent me her mailing information!!  I have a friend who helps me with my housework from time to time and with the Christmas season upon us and we are about to have a houseful of company, we have been deep cleaning!  I came upon a mailing envelope and inside were these contents!  I had put it aside waiting for her reply and had totally forgotten about it!  So I have drawn another name and the new winner is...

Now, if Julie does not answer my email, I will allow hubby to eat this second bag of tootsie roll pops himself. ha! :)

OK.. That is it for tonight!!  Looking for 2 emails now so I can send out goodies!

Stay tuned for lots more fun on the blog for 2013!!!


Julie said...

I am so excited to be the happy to take those off your hands. I remember even laughing that your hubby had gotten into them. Thanks for drawing again!

Lis said...

I will be stalking the mailman this week...Thanks so much for the giveaway... I think your daughter whom you dropped her head is the smart one in the family! WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR EAGLE!

Altax said...

AWesome and the patterns looks too good.

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