January 17, 2013

"Do The Dash!" -- 3rd Thursday Churn Dash Quilt Along!

My granny Ida loved the churn dash pattern more than any quilter that I know of!  I would not be able to even entertain a guess as to how many she actually made during her lifetime of 91 years! Her love of the pattern rubbed off on me and it is now my block of choice for traditional quilts!

When I lived in Alabama the ladies of our community and surrounding communities would make a friendship quilt for any young couple getting married.  Our block of choice that we asked anyone who wanted to participate was... you guessed it.;.. the Churn Dash!  We had one pattern that we shared with everybody so the blocks would be as close to the same size as possible. The quilters were asked to add their names to the blocks either by permanent ink or by embroidery.

The person in charge of overseeing the blocks coming in would usually be a family member who quilted.  Once the blocks were all collected she would put them into a top.  When that was done we would all meet in the classrooms of the church building and proceed to have a ladies day.  We would all bring a covered dish for lunch and put up the quilt frames and quilt the top!  Those were some memory making days.  I think that is one of the biggest things I truly miss about where I came from.  The comradeship of the community and the willingness to get together and make quilts for others.  There is nothing like it!

When I was thinking about things I could bring to the blog for the new year I decided to have a quilt along that involved the churn dash block.  This way I can find out how many other quilters out there actually use this block as well!  Who knows... I might find enough quilters who "do the dash" and we could all swap blocks together!!  A friendship quilt across the miles!! We shall see...

The first churn dash I want to share for the quilt along will be the one I started last winter. I love red. white and black fabrics together so this is my take on those 3 colors. Don't you love how they "do the dash" so well together!!!

I have 7 blocks finished and need 20.  If I can make 3 blocks a month, along with the other things I have on the agenda, then in 4 months I should have these ready to be made in to a top.  I am undecided about the fabric I want to use for sashing and undecided on how I want to sash these together.  I might possibly lay out all 20 blocks when they are finished and let you help me decide!

So... Are you a quilter who loves the Churn Dash pattern?  Do you have any churn dash quilts started or fabrics ready to be cut to start one?  Or do you have any Churn Dash quilts in your closet already finished that you would like to share?

Please link up to the party and show us how you "do the dash"!

How do you participate? -- Create a post on your blog showing your blocks, tops and/or finished quilts.  Please leave a link in your post back here to my blog and tell your readers about the quilt along linky party so they can come and take part too.  Then grab the URL that goes directly to your post and come back over and link up!  Everyone is welcome!

I would love it if you would grab the button from my sidebar to help spread the word.

Now, let's see all those Churn Dashes!! :)


Jo said...

Ohmy, Churn Dash is my very favorite block! I've had a iChurn Dash quilt in my head for some time, in 30's fabrics. I don't blog but i may play along anyway. And, my great grandma was Ida too!

Jayardi said...

• • • Ooh, I love the B&W in the bottom left corner. And that one just above it is pretty cool too. Glad I stopped by today. Had to, because of the wonderful card I received from you today. I ♥ the charm. Thank you very much!!!!

Merry said...

So funny you should post this Thearica as only two days ago I posted on my blog about the Churn Dash Blocks I have ready to quilt. I was involved in a swap and we decided to do rainbow colours with a black background. The green colour was my first attempt at a Churn Dash block and I really enjoy creating them. I have four spare red and white churn dash blocks that I am trying to think of what to do with them. They were made for the red part of the rainbow but when I put them with the other fabrics there was too much white involved. Red, Black and White is a beautiful combo.

Thearica said...

Hi Merry. I went over and took a peek at your quilt and it is going to be beautiful! Please go back and add a link to my post here so your friends can find the linky party. Thanks so much. :)

Needled Mom said...

Your Churn Dash in red is fabulous! I am really liking the black and white as a background color in quilting. It adds such excitement. The Churn Dash was one of the first quilting patterns that I made when I started this journey.

Clothed in Scarlet said...

Hi Thearica, I've thought I might like to try this block but haven't made the time for it. Maybe you might like to share a tut for it hum!?! lol Sarah

Jordie Nilla said...

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