January 1, 2013

New Year Blog Maintenance

With the new year comes the desire to make other things new so I have given my blog a little facelift once again.  I like change.. most people don't... but I don't like things to stay the same for very long. 

My current banner is of my granddaddy's barn and I could not help myself but to put quilts on the fence. I am currently looking for a watercolor artist to have a really neat banner created that will also have holiday variations of the same drawing.  I am super excited and like a kid in a candy shop about it!  I want to draw the barn and add an old wood fence with quilts slung over and little pot bellied piglets running around the barnyard.. I need an apple tree and a few other things to make it complete.  I am so giddy and hope I can find someone soon to create the new banner! Along with the original drawing, I want to have a 4th of July variation as well as one for Fall, Winter and  a special one for Christmas time.  5 banners to keep you smiling every time you come for a visit. :)

So... Can you help me?  Do you know a watercolor artist who might want the job?


I have also taken the time tonight to check on all of the Linky Party links to be sure they all still are running.  I had to delete one because the blogger has not blogged since May 2012.  A few bloggers had updated their buttons so I made those changes as well.

If you love linky parties and sharing what you create, I urge you to visit the Linky Party page and visit some of the bloggers there.  You might just find some new friends!


I also cleaned up my sidebars and pulled everything to one side for a cleaner look.  I hope you will all enjoy this change.  I created a tab for Madame Samm's Blog Hops at the top of my blog under the banner. Visit this page to see the blog hops that are coming up!  There is also a tab for the 2013 Quilt Drive that I am hosting for the children of the Masonic Home for Children and the Central Children's Home here in my area.

So, have you done any new year cleaning? If so tell us about it so we can come take a peek!


Debbie said...

Happy New Year, Thearica. I do like the clean and non-distracting look. Variety is good in a header. That said, I've had the same header for years. Just too lazy...

Sandy D said...

Love the look.Maybe it is also because we farm.

Needled Mom said...

I just love the new header and it's awesome that it is your granddaddy's barn.