September 25, 2013

Studio Redo

Since this post aired, we have sold the farm and moved to Alabama!  I sure miss this studio!

Hey everyone!  You have been very patient while I put my sewing and quilting studios back together and it has finally paid off!  I am happy to say that I came downstairs at 6:30 pm last evening and was finally 100% finished with all of the tireless work!  I thought I would never get finished!

To recap... I had my sewing room upstairs in the bonus room and my longarm studio in the "what would have been" the garage.  When we built our house in 2004, we decided to finish out the garage for my sewing studio and eventually in 2006, we added a Gammill longarm machine down there.  After quilting on concrete for a few years, it wrecked havoc on my legs... basically my entire body!.. so we decided to take it upstairs where I would stand on a wonderful thick padded carpeted floor.  I am soooo glad we did!  I have quilted 3 quilts so far and it is amazing what the difference is!

ADVICE TO LONGARMERS - Do NOT put your machine on a concrete floor.  I learned the hard way.  Concrete will really take the youth right out of your body!

After I got everything moved around I had the hair-brained idea to paint the upstairs. When we moved in on May 15, 2004, our home was painted the same color in all rooms... "listened to the painter contractor... will NOT do that again".  We repainted the downstairs 5 years ago but upstairs was the only space left with the "old paint color".  SO... I decided to have it painted "Pigtail Pink"!

Before we get started, I have some friends who want to say hello..... These all have been gifted to me from various friends over the last few years.. :)

Let's show a "before" picture of the area that is now home to the Gammill.  It "was" my sewing room... with that awful paint color!!

And NOW.... It is my longarm studio... I LOVE the Pigtail Pink color!  It is fresh and light... not in your face... Makes me happy to be up here now. :)

My hubby was sweet and hung my batting on the wall.  I do miss my batting cabinet downstairs but not enough to want to go back down there to quilt! ha!

These tubs were in the storage room that is also upstairs and they fit perfectly underneath.  I needed somewhere for the "stuff" we all have that needs a place to live.  Perfect storage solution!

I bought this shoe organizer at Lowe's in 2006 when I began longarming.  I usually keep it on a table but this knee wall prevents that.  So, I just laid it on its back and now those extra long pantographs fit as well!

I had a 6' x 6' tabletop installed downstairs with a set of drawers under it for my longarm rulers and such.  I had to think of something for up here.  I went to Lowe's and tagged this baby for 50.00!!

And now for the other room up here... My sewing and crazy quilting studio!  This room was smaller than the side with the Gammill if you were wondering why I didn't just put the Gammill in here.  It would not have fit. :)

This space is dedicated for my sewing machine and cutting table.. I am working on a quilt for Miss Allie at the moment.  I have made a quilt for my hubby and am making hers to match. :)

This space is solely dedicated to my crazy quilting...

I snagged this cupcake holder at TJ Maxx! It is perfect for the pearl cotton thread that I sell on my website!  Just enough spaces for the variegated colors!

I found these organizers at JoAnn's and they are perfect for the solid colors!


Found this at Walmart! Perfect for organizing tons of beads so you can see what colors you have to work with.


Found this at the Goodwill store when me and a group of friends with to the beach at Kill Devil Hills in June.  I wanted some way to get the vintage linens out so I would not forget to use them in my crazy quilting.  Now they are right beside me while I work.

I purchased these lamps at an estate sale a while back and decided I wanted to use them in here.  My friends thought I was weird to use pink and yellow together but after finding the "perfect" shade on Ebay... you have to say that they do rock this room. Little pink roses on a yellow background.... just made for this room!   They were 3 inches too long so I measured on the inside and sewed around the shade to prevent the pleats from coming undone and cut 1/4" below that sewn line.  Now they are the perfect length!  I am thinking I want to add a trim around the bottom edge... what do you think?

What is that black metal tree full of, you ask?  Well, none other than my Dotee Doll collection. :)

Santa came to visit me via a friend from did a few of the other Dotee's.

Santa came bearing a little gift in his bag. :)

So, where is that ironing board we all need in our sewing rooms. I had a devil of a time figuring out what to do about that... I first thought about mounting it on the wall.  My friend Pauline shared a video how-to on Facebook.  But when everything was all set in its own place, I finally found somewhere to put it.. it will make me get up and stretch those legs more this way!  It is in the last available place for anything in the longarm studio! ha!

I am really happy with my sewing and longarm spaces.  I could not ask for anything more!  I hope you have enjoyed the pictures!

Thank you visiting me today!


Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Wow! I love both of your spaces... you must be thrilled from head to toe! I like having to get up and walk around too... I used to do my cutting/trimming in my kitchen and now in my new room I head to the laundry room to iron. Need to keep the blood flowing I guess!

Sewgreen said...

Wow your space is awesome!!!

Mary said...

Holy cow your sewing space is wonderful. I would love to have that much room. My sewing is kind of spread around the house. Love your pigtail pink. What fun.

Ale jc said...

Oh my word T, I cannot believe allllll that space...looks beautiful and the tower for your that....looks good enough to eat....yes your pigtail collection is to oink about too....great pics

carla said...

Hi!!!! Your pigtail pink is very pretty!!!! Pretty space too!!!! I love all of your dotees too!!!! said...

Love your new space. My husband just kind of shook his head when I told him I wanted my sewing area to be pink. I love it in there it is so girly feeling, it has been a long time since I had a place of my own. I hear ya about the concrete. The worse places to work on my body are the places with concrete floors usually after a day in those place I spend the evening with corn bags on my knees.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I want to live in your sewing room...................WOW and WOW!

SC Lady said...

Love, but what did you in the downstairs area?

Arlene White said...

Wow, what a space, you have given me some new ideas for my 'studio' starting soon. Just got to get the Carport up out the front to get the car out of the garage so that I can have it as my new 'Studio'. I don't do half what you do, but still need that much space for my stash.

Quilting Tangent said...

Looks like a great space for your quilt room.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed my visit and love your spaces. You've got some great storage ideas.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Wow do I love your beautiful room Thearica!! Can I come and quilt with you!

Linda said...

Your sewing rooms are wonderful! Wow. I miss having a big dedicated space. I'm in a 12' x 11' room now. That means I spread out all over the house when I work. Yours are an inspiration!

Marilyn said...

The new studios look just great. You are going to have so much fun. I love the grey, black and white quilt in one of your pictures.

Dee said...

It looks great and I'm sure you're going to love having everything in one place. I'm glad you're finished with your renovation! I'm looking forward to the day I'm done with mine.

Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Your creative spaces are fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for letting me know I won your cute pumpkin pincushion :)

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

I love your studio, what a great place to work!
I wish you lots and lots of happy hours in there ☺