January 11, 2014

Hello 2014!

I hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas holiday and happy New Year! Hubby and I have been gone for 2 weeks on a trip to Alabama to be with my family.  It was hard to leave them behind but also nice to be in our own bed last night.

We brought home the flu bug with us so I don't see much getting accomplished this weekend except resting, hydrating, and hopefully getting rid of this unwanted visitor.  We are already doing better and we are grateful for that.  With the sharp changes in the weather, it is no wonder as many people are sick as are.  One day it is 10 degrees and 3 days later it is in the 50's.   I can tell you, it is no piece of cake traveling with the flu.  I thought we would never get home.

I want to share a few photos of Christmas with my grandchildren.  They are the loves of my life!

We had them all sit down beside each other as they opened their presents.  They love chewing gum, as any child does, so a tin of Juicy Fruit was in order... Here you see Parker makes remarkable headway getting his opened...so much for the surprise factor for the other 2... lol

He is carefully examining the tin to see how to get it open while the girls finish getting theirs out of the wrapping paper...... We actually had to wait until they all 3 opened their tins and got a piece to chew before any more presents were opened. They are so funny...


Next up was the Pez candy... It and the gum are always on my gift list for my grandbabies. :)

Then it is katy-bar the doors for the other gifts... Time to rip that paper off the boxes. :)

Emilee is in to Dora now and Parker and Allie are helping her with her new babies.

After Allie showed promise of being a very good photographer while visiting the farm this past summer, we thought it was time she had her first grown up camera.  She is 10 now!  Where has the time gone!

Parker got a new game console and we gifted him with 3 of the character pieces to go with it.

I was in Bed Bath and Beyond a couple of months ago and spied these silly hats.  The grandbabies love them!  The ball is an air pump to make the tail, ear, or hands actually move up and down. lol

Here I am with my 2 daughters.  We had a wonderful day shopping and having lunch together.

My siblings and I grew up in a home where we loved to play board games with our granny Ida.  My daughters also love to play games.  We shared several nights of playing games while we visited.  On one occassion my baby sister came to play.  Here she is concentrating on her next move... don't knock it down now!

As much as I love being home to visit, it is always nice to get back home and in a normal routine. I need to work on my website and finish setting up a second website that I am building.  And I am looking forward to getting back to the blog!

Take care now!  Happy 2014!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Great pictures - and great memories you've made. :) blessings, marlene

Jeanna said...

Happy 2014 Thearica! I'm so happy you had time with your family, especially those adorable grandbabies over the holidays. I hope you feel better soon!

Mdm Samm said...

Lovely gathering, lovely pics….it seems soooo long ago Christmas was here …so it is nice to see grandkids with great hats..loved those hats…and Allie is most deserving as a promising photographer…I would of loved one at 10 lol

ShirleyC said...

I hope you are all feeling better, My daughter and her two kids took the flu right before Christmas, and then I cam down with some kind of coughing/bronchitis mess. I'm finally feeling like myself again.

Vickie said...

Hey Lady ! Glad your home and on the mend ! I enjoyed your photos of your family. Happy New Year !

Cheryl said...

Wonderful pictures of your grandkids, love the hats.