March 25, 2014

Flags On A Stick Blog Hop - Day 2

Day 1 of the Flags On A Stick Blog Hop was fantastic and I know today is going to be the same!  I hope you all got around to visiting all of the bloggers yesterday but if not, scroll down one post for their links.  You will be glad you did.  Take for instance... this awesome flag was shown by Jane!

Now we are on to day 2!
Grab a cup of coffee, relax and enjoy!

 March 26th

Living with Purpose

Life In The Scrapatch

Devoted Quilter

Made By Me In Red

Quilting Quietly ( up now and has a delightful flag! Go see!)

Our sponsors for the hop include...
Flags On A Stick is on board as one of our sponsors and they have some amazing flags!  Visit their website to see the variety!  The owner of Flags On A Stick has put a bug in Madame Samm's ear that if one of the flags that are made stands out and is spectacular, she will submit the design to her flag manufacturing company and it could be produced and sold on the market!!!  How cool is that!

The owner over at sent Madame Samm 8 flag poles to send to some lucky recipients ahead of the hop and I was one of the lucky 8!  My pole has a horse finial and I am creating my flag for a very good friend of mine!  Thank you Flag Outlet for my special gift! You will have to visit all of the bloggers during the hop to see who the other 7 lucky people were!  I don't even know myself!
A huge THANK YOU! to Madame Samm for all of her creative ideas to keep us hopping!

 You can find the entire schedule here...


Needled Mom said...

This has been so much fun so far.

Carla said...

There have been wonderful flags and most are dreaming of spring. Great hop!