June 20, 2014

Quilters On A Mission!

Madame Samm has all of us quilters on a campaign to save Riley Blake gingham fabric!  Samm designs for the Riley Blake team and with her last parcel of fabric came a note that they were thinking of retiring the gingham from their line up.  Well, that just will not do!  The quality of their gingham far surpasses most on the market so we cannot let them remove it from their fabric line.  We just simply cannot!
The old addage "There is strength in numbers" is always true and we as quilters can ban together and show Riley Blake just how much we love their gingham.

The Fat Quarter Shop has the small, medium and large gingham in beautiful colors and I plan to order some next week!  Madame Samm has a blog hop idea that will have us all using gingham fabric.  We will be creating 3 projects over the next 3 months and show them on our blog during the September blog hop.

Head on over to Sew We Quilt to check out all of the details!


Carol said...

I did my part today and bought five yards of gingham. We just can't see it disappear from the quilt store shelves!

Mdm Samm said...

ohh my I am still losing sleep over this one...I too have been ordering some gingham....I can't help but think what will I sew, quilt, stitch without my fav basic....thanks T, for spreading the news...they have to save it...they just have to

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