December 14, 2014

Sunday Sampling

A little of this and a little of that for you on this Sunday evening. :)

I finished this quilt using the Blueberry Mimosa fat quarter bundle that is one of the bundles in the  giveaway that I am hosting that the Fat Quarter Shop is sponsoring.  Read on down further on my blog to find the giveaway post.  You have until the 17th to enter!

I chose to cut 9 1/2" squares of each fabric to showcase them.  I then sewed 6 inch borders of black Kona cotton all the way around each square and laid my 15 1/2" ruler down and tilted it slightly.  I cut out the blocks and then using the leftover fabrics, I sashed the blocks together to create the top.  I made a backing with more black Kona cotton and set my horizontal lock and quilted straight lines across the quilt at 2 1/2" intervals.  I had just enough fabric left to do a scrappy binding.  I love how it came out!

Now that the quilt is finished it is going in the truck.  I take quilts in the truck during the winter months so if I see a mother in town with her baby and it is only wrapped with a thin blanket, I can gift her a quilt on the spot!  I think the blues in this collection are perfect for a little boy!

The quilts I have taken in the truck in the past have been made possible through a networking of 100's of quilters from the Our Circle Of Friends Quilting and Needlework Forum.  They send me fabric, quilt blocks, quilt tops, and/or finished quilts and it all works together to make sure plenty of children all have quilts.  There are post on the blog of presentations to the Masonic Home for Children with quilts that the quilters have all made possible. Use the search feature on the blog and type in quilt presentation and you should find the older post.

Hubby has been bushhogging the farm and we grabbed these shots after he finished this evening.  I love how the farm looks when it is clean this way.  I don't even mind that it is winter and the color green is absent.  I just love a good clean farm. :)

Looking out over the Northeast side of the farm....

I love how you can see the back forty pond when things are so clean... We have another pond in the front side yard of the house as well. :)

My hubby... the funny man.. I finally broke him of trying to put dispoable cups in the dishwasher... now today I find this.. He is so funny. :)

And in closing I have to shout out a spectacular blog that I found today!  Actually 2 blogs!

Visit her blog!  She shares so much!

Her blog is amazing!

So that is all for today... Check back tomorrow for another blog post! :)


Bonnie H said...

Thanks so much for the shout out and all the kind words you left on my blog! Best of luck in the Holiday Cash Giveaway!

Carla said...

Love your new look, Thearica. Your blog looks nice and fresh. Your farm looks wonderful, too. I love it when hubby mows everything down around here. It does make it look so clean. Love the Coke bottle in the dishwasher.

Gene Black said...

Thanks for the Link to the "holiday cash" - maybe i will win.

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