December 26, 2016

Fruitcake Tute

We all know what we like to do best in the kitchen... EAT!!

How about I show you how to cook up a mouth watering fruitcake!
DON'T say YUCK just yet!!
This is NOT your A-Typical fruitcake!  This one gets raves by the most stubborn - mule headed people who don't like fruitcake! Trust me!
Are you ready?? OK.. Let's get started!
You have to get out your ingredients!
7 extra large eggs
2 cups sugar
2 cups self rising flour
1 pound candied red cherries
1 pound candied pineapple
1 pound chopped dates
2 pounds pecan halves
Now get your tools ready!
Large pan for mixing the batter... I use my dishpan!
Sifter - YES, you WILL need one!
Mixing Bowl
Bundt Cake Pan
2 disposable medium sized aluminum rectangle baking pans
1 large round Christmas tin
Saran Wrap
Wax paper
Parchment Paper
Ink pen

The first thing we are going to do is turn our oven to Bake and 300 degrees!
Then we are going to cut paper bottoms for our baking pans so the cake does not stick!
Take your ink pen and sit your bundt pan on the parchment paper and trace around the outer edge of the bottom.  Do the same thing for the disposable pans.

Don't forget to draw the inner well of the bundt pan!

Cut these shapes out!
Next we will butter all 3 pans... even the bottoms! And don't forget to give the walls of the well on the bundt pan a good buttering!

Now place those paper bottoms down inside the pans!

It is time to make cake!!!
Open your candied cherries, pineapple and dates and put them in the bottom of your large pan!  Be sure and move them around with your hand to mix them up well.  No large lumps of one fruit stuck together!

Next we will put the 2 cups of sugar in our mixing bowl and crack all 7 eggs in on top of it!

Beat these together until good and frothy!

Now you will sit your sifter down on the fruit and put those 2 cups of self rising flour in it!
If you do not have a sifter, do NOT attempt to make this cake until you run to Walmart and get you one!
Trust me, it DOES make a difference!

Sift your flour over the fruit and then stir it in until all fruit is well coated!

Now add the egg and sugar mixture and mix together until there is no sign of any dry flour anywhere!

NOW comes the BEST part!!
Add those 2 pounds of pecan halves!

Do NOT chop chop with your spoon because you want these halves to remain in tact as much as possible!
Delicately stir the pecan halves in to the cake batter until they are all coated and mixed in well!

Ladle the cake batter in to your pans.  Do not pack the batter down tightly.

You will have enough batter for the bundt and both disposable pans.

Clean the rims of the bundt pan and the outer edges of the disposable pans because if you don't, you will have thick globs of cake to contend with when it comes out of the oven if you don't!

Place the disposable pans on a cookie sheet and place all 3 cakes in the oven together! 
 Bake on 300 degrees for 1 hour and 30 minutes!

Who wants cake!!!

Let the cakes cool for 30 minutes and then take a butter knife around the edges to turn the cake loose from the walls.

Don't forget the well!

You can gently tug on the outer edge of the disposable pans to get them started and then finish with your butter knife.

Then allow the cakes to cool for another hour.
Turn the cakes out and remove the paper bottoms.
I turn the small cakes out in my hand.  be careful... They might try to fall apart!

Turn the bundt cake out on to a plate.

After you remove the paper bottoms, return them to their pans to cool for one more hour! Being in their pans to cool keeps them from falling in to a million pieces until they are good and cool! Once they are cool, they will stay just fine!

It is time to get them ready to travel to a far away place!
YES, they travel so WELL!

I use the wax paper and cut a sheet to lay across the tin.  I cut a 2nd sheet and lay it across the tin in the opposite direction.

As you can see, a bundt size cake fills up a large tin to the rim!

Makes a VERY nice gift!
And she is ready to go to Montana to my friend Martha!
I know.. it is a Christmas tin and Christmas is past... but hey, it is all I had! :)

For the smaller cakes, I put them in to a brand new disposable pan after I wrap them well in Saran Wrap!
OR I simply put one under my domed cake plate and EAT it!! ha!
Now!! WHO is hungry for cake???

December 25, 2016

Coming Out Of A Long Siesta!

Hello fellow blogging friends.  I am hoping a lot of you still have me on your daily readers, although I have given you nothing to read for well over a year!  We sold our farm in May 2015 and hubby moved me back home to Alabama and boy, has it been a ride!

I do say, I rather not ever have to move again!  It is not for sissies!!

In with trying to keep the website business afloat, and hubby finding employment along with repairs to our home and re-doing some of the home so it better suited us, it has taken a long time to be able to just breathe and enjoy our new place. I left the studio for last as I felt the other areas in the home were much more important.  And we had to leave some things in NC until we could go back to get them and quite a few things for my sewing studio were what we had to leave.  Setting up my space without those items was next to impossible and I did not want to go buy new things to use so I patiently waited.  Hubby got a weeks vacation this past September so we went to visit his family and we rented a UHaul so we could bring the rest of everything home with us.

I am almost ready to make photos of my new studio spaces and will be ready on New Years Day to share our new home and my new studios with you!  So I hope you will all come for a visit.

P.S. -
I began cleaning up my blog this weekend so you may see long periods of lost time in between certain posts.   I am deleting past giveaways and such as that so any brand new readers will not think they are current.