These are quilts I have made for others from start to finish.
(For photos of the longarming I have done on customer quilts please visit the Quilting page)

 Made for my great nephew Ace

Made for a customer from her grandparents clothing

Made for charity

 Made for my oldest daughter Audrey's 30th birthday

 Made for my friend Lisa

 Made for charity

Made for charity

Made for charity

Made for my youngest daughters 30th birthday

Made for a friend

Made for a client

Made for a niece and nephew

Made for Margot

Made for Marie

Made for my grandson Parker

Made for my good friend Nancy

Made for my niece Lakota

Made for my granddaughter Allie

Made for Jason's baby boy

Made for a friend

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crazyboutquilting said...

WOW "Q" these are amazing. You are so talented. Crazy quilting is growing on me, the more I see the more I like it. Thanks for inspiring me!!!